Introduction to Early-Stage Investments for Private Investors

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A3 Angels will be offering a course about several key issues that surround the evaluation and investment in early-stage businesses. The course is designed to inform and educate potential investors from various backgrounds about many of the recurring questions that come up when first considering an investment in a young private company. The knowledge is grouped into several workshops that are structured along the typical investment process.


  • The program includes the full curriculum of investments
    • The due diligence and evaluation  module focuses on some of the situations faced by business angels  investing in seed capital and how to  evaluate projects and perform due diligence.
    • The governance and board membership module addresses some of the relational, practical and legal issues that business angels face when they participate to start-up growth when sit on a board of directors or participate to advisory boards.
    • The term sheet workshop looks into the legal and financial  issues that business angels face when they invest in technology start-ups. It highlights the main considerations when negotiating with the founders  and co- investors. It will include key legal documents for an investment,  objectives for structuring a deal, most important terms in a shareholder agreement.
    •  The valuation  session covers the keymethods and issues in valuation. Besides theory most of the workshop is practical, also involving start-ups. 
    • The incentive plans covers employee option schemes and its impact on employee motivation and retention as well as cash savings.
    • The business model addressses Start-up and Business Model Generation methods that have been made popular by Eric Ries,  Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.
    • The exit module provides insights,  best practices and lots of case studies in trade sales of start-up companies.
    • The life sciences workshop will look into best practices in investing in early-stage BioMed start-ups. It also explores new opportunities in digital health including medical sensors, healthcare software and mobile apps. It analyzes success factors thru case studies of successful Swiss companies and exits such as Anteis, Endoart, Endosense.


  • The courses have been held in cooperation with CTI-startup and SECA in 2011.
    • 2011 :  Project evaluation and due diligence (4 sessions) ,
  • Since 2012, A3 Angels has launched and is hosting in Lausanne the Swiss investor education program
    • May 2014, investing in life sciences, Biotech campus Geneva
    • November 2013 Valuation, EPF-Lausanne
    • May  2013, structuring investments andtermsheets, EPFL
    • November 2012, Board Membership, EPFL
    • May 2012, Due Diligence Workshop,EPFL
    • Similar courses are also offered in Zurich


  • Workshops:
    • Lectures and discussions with several lead investors
    • Reading assignments / background literature
    • Work on current start-up cases
  • Followed by a pitch session of A3 Angels of CTI-Invest


  • CHF 250.- /session, 150.-- for alumni of EPFL


  • Claude Florin, A3 Angels