Antlia focuses on developing, producing and distributing the Thetis micro Implantable Drug Delivery Devices (IDDD).

Lemoptix is a provider of ultra-miniature and energy-efficient laser microprojection systems based on proprietary MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) scanning micromirror technology.

Sophia Genetics offers solutions for the secure storage and analysis of patient genome sequence information to enable its effective, confidential application to personalized healthcare.

Online assistant of mathematics for school kids : brings your favorite teacher at home and on your PC.

The Vivamea Wellbeing Coach will inspire and transform you towards better management of body, mind and work, providing you with a solid platform to achieve high performance, self-development and healthy living.

Abionic is developing the abioSCOPE, a biomedical point-of-care diagnostic device that provides user friendly allergy diagnoses promoting personalized medication.

Domo Safety offers ergonomic technologies for prevention, security and comfort.

Fastree3D develops 3D imaging sensors that enable vehicles and machines to recognize and locate fast-moving objects in three dimensions in real-time, enabling safe and intelligent actions such as driving assistance or autonomous navigation.

Empower consumers or other stakeholders to check a product’s authenticity or learn about its origin with their mobile phone. Start a dialogue based on mutual trust .