BioMedUp attracts 170

BioMedUp event at Geneva Biotech Campus featured 15 start-ups, 25 presenters and attracted 170 attendees.

A3 Angels was happy to contribute with this to the 10th anniversary of EPFL life science faculty.

Feedbacks and presentations

  • Check details the presentations and videos on our event page (here), 
  • Provide your feedback on the event (here) and the workshop (here). 
  • And thanks for their support to the students of EPFL who celebrated the same week the aniversary of EPFL SV (link).

Thank you to the participants.

And thank you for the nice comments you provided in return : 

  • Bravo pour ce que vous faites, c’est tout à fait remarquable. Jean Micol, Director MoT, EPFL-CDM
  • It was brilliant to have a 1st CTI invest event in Geneva - Mission Accomplished - your hard work paid off! Dr James H. Miners, Fongit
  • Bravo pour l’organisation, pour la qualités des intervenants et startups présentées ! Merci pour l’ambiance conviviale que vous avez pu insuffler à cet événement. Pierre-Jean Wipff, Innovaud
  • Félicitations pour ces initiatives; j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir de participer, contenu très intéressant et bonnes présentations.Philippe Gaemperle, Directeur Genilem
  • Great event&organisation, I received several emails after the event!! Davor Kosanic, Founder Samantree
  • Great start-ups and great people, I think this is very important/crucial for our region ! Alexandre Grutman, Director Tantum Group 
  • Thanks for your feedback! I happen to think often at the presentation you gave  at the A3 Angels  Seed night on the characteristics of an entrepreneur... I try to respect these rules of thumb ;-) Yann Cotte, CEO and founder Nanolive.
  • A lot of great information from BA side, great startups, and an holistic view of what is happening in the medtech/biotech industry during the panel session. One more time, congratulations, it was a great event! Claude Promonet
  • Very informative and professional workshop. Angel Day participant